Camel Hair

We source the finest Alashan Camelhair. Our Chinese representative Mr Xin Lijun based in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, inspects and samples every lot.

These bulk samples are then tested in the UK prior to approval and shipment.
Product Range – Camelhair
Product Code Description
MC1 Super Dehaired Baby Alashan Camelhair, 17 micron
MW1 Dehaired Natural White Baby Alashan Camelhair 17.7 micron
MW2 Dehaired Natural White Camelhair 18.9 micron
MC5DP Dehaired and Depigmented Chinese Camelhair
MC5SB Dehaired Semi Bleached Chinese Camelhair
MC7 Dehaired Chinese Camelhair
MC20 Dehaired Chinese Camelhair 22 micron
MC1CT Super Dehaired Baby Alashan Camehair Top , 17 micron
MW1T Dehaired Natural White Baby Camelhair Top, 18 micron
MC5DPT Dehaired and Depigmented Chinese Camelhair Top, 18 micron
MANES 354 Coarse Camelhair Manes Top

To enquire further about CamelHair – please Telephone +44(0)1274 730760 or Fax: +44(0)1274 729904.