Mongolian Cashmere

We source the best quality greasy cashmere from all regions of Mongolia. This fibre is then sorted for quality and any possible contamination, scoured and dehaired in Ulaanbaatar.

Our Mongolian office Fein Far East oversee this operation. FFE draw samples at all stages of production which are tested and approved in the UK prior to shipment.

Product Range – Mongolian Cashmere
Product Code Description
KV38M Dehaired White Mongolian Cashmere
38mm, 0.1%, 16.5 micron
KW38M Dehaired Light Grey Mongolian Cashmere
38-40mm, 0.1%, 16.3 micron
KX38M Dehaired Brown Mongolian Cashmere
38-40mm, 0.1%, 16.3 micron
KX28M Dehaired Brown Mongolian Cashmere 28mm

To enquire further about any of these products – please Telephone    +44(0)1274 730760 or Fax: +44(0)1274 729904.