Our Products

Cashmere Fibres International Ltd / W Fein & Sons, pride themselves on supplying the very highest quality in every product. All products are tested and approved prior to shipment to Park View Mills, Bradford, where they receive further processing and/or re-packing if required.

David Lee and David Mallin spend much of the year travelling to visit suppliers and customers to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained and that customers’ needs are fully satisfied.
Combing a Cashmere Goat

Combing a Cashmere Goat

The major products we supply are

Chinese Cashmere
Mongolian Cashmere
Afghan Cashmere
Cashmere Tops
Camel Hair
Yak Wool

We also supply Mohair and Alpaca – please contact us for more details on this

To enquire further about any of these products –
please Telephone +44(0)1274 730760 or Fax: +44(0)1274 729904.